The creators of La Catrina Candy Store are a Mexican family celebrating life and hosting parties since their arrival to Southern California in 1994. They are passionate about the customs, and flavors of Mexico and want to connect people all around the United States with the rich culture.

La Catrina Candy Store ships both authentic and modern Mexican candy, traditional snacks, decorative candy, DIY (Do It Yourself) supplies, and miscellaneous items that allow you to create fiestas, themed parties, or get-togethers.

La Catrina Candy Store believes that life is a celebration in the big things, but also in the little everyday joys like enjoying a piece of candy at the office with colleagues and employees, snacks with the kids, or sharing unique treats with your neighbors and friends.

We designed La Catrina Candy Store based in Southern California with the mission to reach up to the furthest points of the United States and military bases so that everyone may enjoy life’s celebrations by sharing moments, laughs, candies, and the everyday experiences that make life more fun!

La Catrina Candy Store is here to receive and serve your requests, suggestions, and orders.



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